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War is Peace: a tonic

Here are two Orwell related resources to help cut the taste of double speak that the adminsitration continues to feed us. The first site offers the biography and online versions of a number of his works. The second, summaries of some of the works that will probably creep into many a high-school English assignment. Such, Such were the joys...

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This is an aggregator of information and links to articles that oppose the war or describe apects of the conflict that you may not hear or see on the network news (or even NPR, for that matter). It covers opposition on the left as well as the far right. Also, added Counterpunch to the recommended list. (Via Textism.)

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Richard Perle is the chairman of the defense policy board, a cvillian group consisting of interested parties connected with defense and security organizations/ corporate entities. He has also helped craft the vision of a new American Empire called "the New American Century." Usually operating behind the scenes, Mr. Perle has personally opened up a second front against another obstacle to his view of American Primacy: the U.N.

Update: The would-be architect of the ew American Empire has resigned his post as the head of the Defense Policy Board. He stays on as a member at the behest of Donald Rumsfeld.

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White Noise

If you live in a community (known more cynically as a "market") with multiple radio stations, a behemoth known as Clear Channel probably owns the majority of them, up to the currently mandated limit of eight. Given the size of the Clear Channel's media empire, you might expect a facade of impartiality. Think again. You must wonder of these rallies have anything to do with previous instructions in Clear Channel stations. Even in its short lifetime, this corporate citizen has developed a quite a rap sheet.

Update: A Paul Krugman op-ed piece connects ratings, profits, and the conflation of political and business interetests in Clear Channel to the conflict in Iraq. (NYT link - reg. req'd.)

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War Music

With this afternoon's press conference leaving little doubt on whether the President will drag the country world to war, I thought a little perspective could help. So, I recommend these modern interpretations of sections of Homer's Iliad, the seminal song of strife: Auden's Shield of Achilles, and an excerpt from Christopher Logue's War Music (whose next installment will be sadly pertinent).

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I might consider vacationing in my own back yard, but only if I had a treehouse like this. For the cost of an additional home, and provided you have sufficiently strong trees, you too can can join the bough-house movement.

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